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Vaping 101: Everything You Need to Know About Vaping CBD


A photo of a young woman vaping CBD in a hip industrial-looking stairwell.


Close your eyes for a second and picture what you think a typical vaping enthusiast looks like.

We’ll give you a moment.

Now we’re going out on a limb here and guess that you conjured up an image of a cocky bearded twentysomething clad in loose, sagging jeans complemented with a baggy sweater and topped with a trucker hat positioned slightly askew.

While there are a number of “vape bros” that tarnish the vape culture with their aggressive and off-putting hypermasculinity, the majority of vapers are just average people. Vaping used to be limited to tobacco or marijuana use, but a growing number of consumers choose to vape CBD oil for a variety of compelling reasons.

Vaping CBD is not only convenient but also an extremely fast method for enjoying the numerous health benefits of CBD. Compared with other methods of administration, vaping CBD can taste pleasant thanks to the enticing flavors used in most vape juice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the wide world of vaping CBD, here’s a brief rundown on the basics:


A close-up black and white photo of a young man vaping CBD.


What Exactly is Vaping?

Vaping, also referred to as vaporizing, is the process of heating up raw plant matter or extracts like CBD oil, without combustion. Instead of burning the CBD oil, vaping gently heats up this cannabinoid and maximizes the positive health effects. Vapor has more commonalities with a cloud of steam than with a puff of smoke.


And How Does A Vape Work?

The precise properties of vapor differ based on what substance you actually vape. Different substances, such as hash or tobacco, or different forms of substances like plant matter or oil, alter the vaping process.

When you vape CBD, its molecules are inhaled and land on your lungs, which have a huge surface area to collect them. The CBD molecules then pass directly into your bloodstream and bypass your digestive system. At that point, the effects of CBD hit your brain in approximately five seconds.

The rapid onset of effects makes vaping CBD an excellent method of administration for users looking for quick and potent relief from their symptoms, particularly severe pain or anxiety attacks.


What’s in CBD Vape Juice?

Most CBD vape juice contains CBD hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and natural flavoring extracts.

Our CBD vape juice is superior because it contains medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT), 99%+ CBD isolate, and natural flavor. MCTs are easily digested and contain many health benefits like improved cognitive and memory function. You can also rest assured you’re vaping a pure product, as our CBD vape juice is 100% THC-free and derived from U.S. cultivated hemp that’s pesticide-free, and non-GMO.


Is Vaping CBD Bad for You?

There are no long-term safety studies on vaping, so the long-term effects are still unknown. With that said, vaping CBD is generally considered to be safe so long as you use a high-quality CBD oil like our CBD vape juice.

If you have any lung issues, such as asthma or COPD, you should absolutely avoid vaping as it can exacerbate those issues.


Vaping CBD Could Be Right for Your Needs

No longer relegated to negative stereotypes of stoners and chainsmokers, vaping is a convenient, safe, and effective method to immediately getting relief from acute pain, anxiety attacks, and more.

Browse our premium quality CBD vapes and CBD vape juice and enjoy on-the-go relief from your symptoms today.


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