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How Much CBD Do I Take?

You’re familiar with the methods available to you and now the big question… How much CBD do you take?

The rule of thumb in the CBD world is:  START LOW AND GO SLOW!

We are all built differently.  From our sizes, shapes, height and age, how much CBD we should use is affected by all of those factors.  Therefore, taking CBD depends on you, and how your body metabolizes. Most CBD products provide a generalized recommended dosage on their labels. We at EHP like to say the recommended dosage is good…for most. We also recommend you speak with a medical professional prior to using CBD, especially if you currently take any other medications, as CBD has been shown to react adversely with some of them.

Therefore, start low and go slow.  Whatever dosage you decide to start with, we recommend you take that exact dosage for the first 72 hours, once a day, at the same time every day. One of the few side effects reported thus far from using CBD is drowsiness, so we suggest taking CBD an hour or so before bedtime, just in case.  If you do not receive your desired results, increase by a few more mg and repeat for another 72 hours, once daily.  Increase another few mg if this is not effective, and so forth.  It’s recommended you stick to a schedule so you can properly measure the effects of a dose increase.  In order to find your right dosage, determine your dosage base” which is when CBD has a noticeable effect for you.

Starting with a low mg dose leaves you plenty of room to feel safe in your experimentation as you find your right dosage.

Results and effects are different for everyone. Some may feel CBD working and the effects rather quickly, while some may feel a more subtle effect or a more general feeling of well-being. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you and take your time to experiment with the method and dosage. When you find your perfect dosage, you will know.

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