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CBD Might Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


A photo of abstract painting created by an artist with the creative assistance of CBD.


Whether you’re searching for some inspiration for your next painting or trying to overcome your writer’s block, using CBD for a creative boost might be the right move.  A few studies have shown a relationship exists between CBD oil and creativity (1), and with its recently clarified legality, buying premium-quality CBD products has never been easier.

So how exactly does CBD get your creative juices flowing? It all boils down to the multitude of potential benefits of CBD and how it may promote improved mental acuity.


Let’s Define ‘Creativity’

Generally speaking, creativity is thought to be the ability of a person to create something new and different or in a manner unconventional or unexpected. When you use CBD products to enhance your creative mojo, you’re fostering this ability in very profound ways.


The Inspirational Hemp Plant

Cannabidiol, also commonly known as CBD, is one of nearly a hundred active compounds found in the cannabis plant. A close relative of marijuana, industrial hemp is bountiful in CBD and has trace amounts (0.3% or less) or no THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana that gets you ‘high’. While a number of people associate that high with elevated creativity, the truth of the matter is the intoxication frequently inhibits the creativity for marijuana users.

When you select a CBD product derived from safe, legal industrial hemp, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a product that has a THC concentration no greater than 0.3%, which is the federal legal limit. Using CBD for creative inspiration removes that high feeling from the equation so you can focus on creating something groundbreaking and exciting.


The Link Between CBD Oil And Creativity

Studies indicate when you use CBD, the blood flow to the frontal lobe of your brain increases (2). This increased blood flow has also been observed in people who are regarded as highly creative when compared to peers with low levels of creativity. The frontal lobe of your brain is responsible for creativity, planning, and problem-solving, so activities that stimulate this area are considered the most creative pursuits.

The brain communicates with itself through the use of complex chemical compounds which are usually carried in your blood (3). As the blood flow increases, your brain is able to think faster about a broader range of topics. Divergent thinking happens, where, rather than looking for a single answer to a problem or question, the brain is open to assessing several outcomes and finding a more ideal path. Additionally, it may begin to indicate signs of “hyper-priming”, a condition in which the brain establishes connections between varying concepts more readily.

When your brain is experiencing this increased blood flow via the use of CBD for creativity, it’s operating more efficiently and with considerably more flexibility. This is responsible for the increase in creativity reported by so many cannabis users.


A photo of an artist enjoying the creative benefits of CBD use.


Creativity Benefits from the Entourage Effect

Creativity by itself represents the unadulterated power of creating a new thing, but without proper guidance, it will never leave your own mind. People who decide to enhance their creativity with CBD oil and products also enjoy a few benefits from the entourage effect. The entourage effect is named as such because, while you may take CBD to experience certain benefits, you will frequently gain additional, ancillary benefits that create a synergistic solution.

In this instance, when you take CBD products to optimize your creativity, you also acquire the improved focus to bring your attention to new solutions as well as the calming effect that helps you act more confidently. This spurs a boost in your creative productivity that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The Best CBD Products for Creativity

While there are a vast array of superb products with CBD oil on the market, and your creativity can be easily boosted with most varieties of CBD products, there are still a few products that deliver unique advantages over others:


CBD Tinctures—A tincture can be an excellent way of administering CBD for enhanced creativity. Tinctures are very easy to use, the dose is endlessly adjustable, and it typically gives you a sufficient amount of CBD that is bioavailable quickly. This is a fantastic way to get a creative boost at the start of your day, during the afternoon slump, or anytime you need to get your creative thinking working overtime.


CBD Vapes—Vaping is an extremely convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. When inhaled through your lungs, CBD tends to be faster acting, so vaping is exceptional for an immediate boost of creative mojo. Offered in a huge assortment of flavors and vape styles, vaping CBD gives you an easy-to-control method to set your own dosage wherever your travels take you.


Edibles—Whether you have a hankering for some scrumptious brownies or a package of yummy gummies, this is the most delectable way to take CBD for optimized creativity. Your ability to establish your own dose is not as easily-tunable as with CBD tinctures or vaping, but whatever dose you take is prolonged over a longer time period. Instead of sublingual delivery as with tinctures, or through your lungs like with a vape, your CBD edible doesn’t hit until the digestive process begins. This is the slowest acting of the three CBD products, but it also doesn’t metabolize in your body as quickly when you use this product. Munch on some edibles when you want your dose to last longer in your body.


Premium CBD Products, Maximum Creativity

To optimize your creative experience, select a CBD product that uses CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp. This guarantees you’ll get an extremely pure product containing high concentrations of CBD and any other cannabinoid and compound that’s beneficial to the creative process without the dulling effect of THC.

Whatever CBD product you decide is best for your specific creative needs, you’re sure to find it in our comprehensive collection of natural, safe, and effective CBD products. Shop Enhanced Health Products and get the premium-quality CBD products you need to get your creative juices flowing.






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